Best Kitchen Utensils For Low Carb Cooking

What are the best kitchen utensils for your low carb kitchen? Over the years I have  accumulated several kitchen gadgets I never use. It’s frustrating because we’ve wasted thousands of dollars and don’t even have room in our kitchen to store everything.

Let me help you not make the same mistake. I’ve inspected my kitchen and taken note of everything I actually use to cook my low carb meals. We cook often, and find ourselves using the same tools & utensils, over and over again.

These are recommended products that I own personally. Although I’m an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. These are the best kitchen utensils for low carb cooking that I’ve found so far. Quantity is in parentheses.

You can use this list to outfit your entire kitchen with all the utensils you need for about $500. I’ve probably spent 4-5 times that accumulating things we didn’t need. Doh!

In alphabetical order…

1 – Chef’s knife $45/ ea (2). I prefer to use a chef’s knife for all my meal prep. Mine always seems to be in the dishwasher when I need it, so I recommend buying two.

best knife for low carb food prep

2 – Colander $11 (1). For rinsing vegetables and draining liquids off your zucchini noodles. I’ve always called this a “strainer,” but learned the proper term is “colander.”

best strainer for low carb food prep

3 – Cookie Sheets $12 (1 set of three). For making roasted asparagus, hot wings, and various other baked foods. I use these for my one pan dinners like my low carb prosciutto wrapped chicken

best pan for one pan dishes low carb

4 – Firm, slotted plastic spatula  $4 (1). For flipping heavier foods like burgers & fish. Also useful for scraping leftovers off of pans.

best spatula for low carb cooking

5 – Flexible cutting mats $15 (1 set of four). Large enough to give you room to dice up large onions, cauliflower, and broccoli while also small enough to fit in your dishwasher. Importantly, these flexible plastic cutting mats keep their shape and integrity for the long term. Wooden cutting boards look nice in the store, but warp, crack, and split after a few dishwasher cycles.

best cutting board for low carb cooking

6 – Flexible, silicone spatula $11 (1). For sliding under foods stuck to cookie sheets, pans, & parchment paper. Useful also for flipping fried eggs.

best flexible spatula for keto diet cooking

7 – Food storage containers $8/set (2 sets of 3). For storing your cold leftovers and packing work lunches. Mrs. SkinnyPants uses these daily to take her lunch to work. She likes that they’re lightweight and fit next to the keyboard on her desk so she can eat while she works.

8 – Glass baking dish $15 (1). For baking low carb casseroles. My sister recommended these Pyrex dishes and I’ll never go back.

pyrex for low carb cooking

9 – Measuring cup $14 (1). For measuring chopped veggies, liquids or for combining other ingredients. I love this measuring cup.

measuring cup for low carb cooking

10 – Glass mixing bowls with lids $33 (1 set of four). Chosen for their versatility & ability to withstand heat. Use these glass mixing bowl for stirring ingredients or storing hot leftovers. Plastic tupperware tends to melt or deform when filled with hot food but these Pyrex dishes you can use in the oven!

food storage for low carb cooks

11 – Locking tongs $13/ea (1). For flipping bacon amongst other things. Another utensil that’s always in the dishwasher, so purchase two.

locking tongs

12 – Manual can opener $10 (1). Probably our best kitchen utensil purchase. Keeps your hands strong and conveniently hides in a drawer when not in use. Also cuts a blunt lid, which is helpful. I mean look how cool it is!

can opener for low carb cooking

13 – Measuring spoons $10 (1 set). For those annoying times when a recipe requires precision. These are legit.

measuring spoons for keot

14 – Non-stick skillets $39/ea (2). Instead of buying a set of different-sized skillets, I recommend purchasing two large ones (12-inch diameter). More often than not, I make meals that require large skillets and my tiny skillets go untouched. I originally purchased expensive stainless steel skillets for myself, then realized food is always inconveniently getting stuck to the bottom. Unless you’re a Michelin-level chef, go with non-stick.

fry pan for low carb cooking

15 – Pairing knife $12 (1). I use this mostly for slicing into annoying food packaging like our bacon & grass-fed beef which come in vacuum sealed packs. Mrs. SkinnyPants like to use a paring knife to slice veggies.

pairing knife for low carb

16 – Parchment paper $12 (1 roll). For lining cookie sheets.

parchment paper for low carb cooking

17 – Slotted serving spoon $6 (1). For serving out of stockpots and crockpots when you want some of the juices to run off.

slotted spoon

18 – Slow cooker $30 (1). One of the few kitchen gadgets that’s worth the money and cabinet space. Use it to make your pulled pork, barbacoa, and roasts.

slow cooker

19 – Stockpot $49 (1). I love my Cuisinart stainless stock pot. At 6 quarts you’ll find lots of uses for it!

best stock pot for low carb cooking

20 – Wok $45 (1). For stir-fry’s. Having a quality wok will be helpful and this is the best one I can find for the money

best wok for low carb cooking

21 – Wooden Spoons $11.99 (1 set of three). For mixing and stirring, these are the best. They last for years and years. I like the 14-inch spoons because they give you some distance from the pan’s heat & popping oil, etc.

best spoons for low carb cooking

You can purchase each item separately or get the Best Kitchen Utensils For Low Carb Cooking.

I think these items will be a big help staying keto while

If you’ve got your food prep on point, I can help with help with keto grocery shopping tips too.

Make sure you have your low carb fruits and vegetables with our low carb fruits and veggies printable list.

To make sure you easily stay in ketosis make sure you’re eating off our skinny pants approved low carb recommended food list.

Here is to your health!

-Mr Skinny Pants

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