I'm on a mission to create the world's 100 easiest keto recipes. 
Many keto recipes are complicated, but I'm creating simplified versions and sharing them via email.
I’ll show you how to cook keto the easy way.

For the past 10 years I've exhausted myself trying to make all the complicated low carb & keto recipes that show up in Google searches. Now with a 2 year old son hanging on my leg while I cook, I find it frustrating if a meal takes hours to make. So I've started creating simple keto recipes and sharing them with others who want to eat low carb / high fat but don't want to spend a ton of time in the kitchen.

The early results show that the recipes are effective too...
"I lost 15lbs in 21 days using Mr. SkinnyPants low carb recipes and some of my own creations!
Ashley R., Austin, TX
Down 6 pounds in 14 days with Mr. SkinnyPants low carb meals. YAY! Made me smile when a co-worker said she could see it in my face."
Krystal L., Austin, TX
In 3 weeks, I lost 8lbs and Trent lost 11lbs w/ Mr. SkinnyPants recipes. Just in time for our Costa Rica trip!
Amanda T. and Trent T., Houston, TX