Keto Fast Food Survival Guide

Become a Keto Fast Food Expert in 1 Day.

Don't break your keto diet, just because you get stuck eating fast food. Get the world's ONLY keto fast food guide to learn...

WHAT YOU CAN ORDER - Includes 150 amazing keto fast food entrées with 7 net carbs or less. Covers all top 25 fast food chains including McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, Panda Express, Chipotle, Chick-fil-A, Jimmy John's, Subway, etc.

HOW TO ORDER - Has simple instructions to help you speak your special keto orders so that they get it 100% right (and aren't confused or annoyed).

WHAT MACROS TO EXPECT - Net carb, calorie, fat, and protein counts so that you hit your macros.

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Low Carb Fast Food Guide Testimonial from Zach

“Your keto fast food guides are super helpful for when I am stuck eating out. I can’t tell you how much being able to maintain this way of eating during the work weeks and traveling has been helpful to me. 30lbs down and couldn't be happier with my energy and body image.”

Zach T. - Hillsboro, Oregon

Keto Fast Food Guide Testimonial by Cassandra

“Your keto fast food information is amazing & such a time saver - thank you so much. 12 weeks on low carb and down 32lbs - loving this lifestyle.”

Cassandra K. - Bastian, Virginia

Expand Your Fat Burning Meal Options with over 150 Delicious Keto Friendly Fast Foods, Including...  

Chipotle Double Chicken Salad

Keto Fast Food Guide Chipotle

DQ Bunless FlameThrower Burger

Keto Fast Food Guide - Dairy Queen

Chick-fil-A Breakfast Bowl

Keto Fast Food Chick Fil A

Burger King $2 Keto Breakfast

Keto Fast Food Burger King

SONIC Keto Footlong 

Keto Fast Food Guide - Sonic

Little Caesars Keto Pizza "Slices"

Keto Fast Food Guide Little Caesars

Learn How To Order Low Carb Keto at 25 of the Most Popular Fast Food Chains in the United States...  

1. Arby's 2. Burger King 3. Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s 4. Chick-fil-A 5. Chipotle 6. Church’s Chicken 7. Dairy Queen 8. Domino's 9. Dunkin' Donuts 10. Jack In The Box 11. Jimmy John's 12. KFC 13. Little Caesars 14. Long John Silver’s  

15. McDonald’s 16. Panda Express 17. Panera Bread 18. Papa John's 19. Pizza Hut 20. Popeyes 21. SONIC 22. Starbucks 23. Subway 24. Taco Bell 25. Wendy's

Bonus Restaurants: Five Guys, In-N-Out Burger, Whataburger  

It took me 6 months, 100's of hours of online menu research, and about $1,500.00 in taste-tests to become a keto fast food, YOU can do it in 1 day!

High Carb Mr. SkinnyPants
Low Carb Fast Food Challenge Mr. SkinnyPants

A Word From The Author

Hi! I’m Ryan, creator of the Mr. SkinnyPants website and author of this Keto Fast Food Survival Guide.

When I first considered the possibility of doing a keto fast food challenge and eating mostly low carb fast food for 6 months, I stumbled upon three interesting discoveries.

  • Mainstream media thinks healthy fast food = low fat . They ignore carbs and recommend sandwiches & wraps. Not good.
  • Fast food chains have no interest in making things easy for us. Their profit comes from selling standardized food with lots of carbs. They hide low carb options on “secret” menus, make nutrition values hard to find, and push you to get soft drinks & fries with every order.
  • Most low carb websites ignore fast food. They consider it beneath them. One low carb blogger wrote me to say, “this is not something I'm interested in or have time for. My blog is offering recipes not sharing about how to get low-carb fast food from a restaurant."

After making these discoveries, I walked into a SUBWAY Sandwich shop and made an experimental low carb order. I got a Cold Cut Combo salad with 600 calories and 5 grams of net carbs. It was DELICIOUS and keto friendly.

From there I went six straight months eating mostly low carb fast food. I visited every fast food chain within a 10-mile radius of my house, spent hundreds of hours reviewing online menus, and personally taste-tested over 200 low carb fast food entreés. I took notes on EVERYTHING.

For each of the top 25 fast food chains in the United States, my book tells you exactly what to order (including my top 3-5 favorites), how to order it, and what macros to expect. 

Enjoy the slimming effects of replacing your old fast food orders with over 150 keto friendly options.



aka "Mr. SkinnyPants"

PS. I didn't stop eating low carb fast food after my 6 month challenge. In fact, the week of writing this note I've had 2 Dairy Queen bunless FlameThrower Burgers, 6 different low carb subs in a tub from Jersey Mike's Subs (a fast growing chain that I'm reviewing), and a handful of Chick-fil-A nuggets. I still eat low carb fast food about 3 times per week as part of my permanent low carb lifestyle.  

If you're not satisfied, I'll give your money back...

If for any reason in the next 30 days you decide the Keto Fast Food Survival Guide isn’t for you, just email me and I’ll refund you 100% of your money. It's that simple.

Keto Fast Food Survival Guide

49.00 $29.00

For the next 24 hours you can get the Keto Fast Food Survival Guide for 40% off.

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