About Mr. SkinnyPants
Ryan Luedecke, also known as "Mr. SkinnyPants," is a sustainable weight loss expert from Austin, Texas who got chubby in his mid-twenties after a lifetime of being one of those annoying naturally skinny people. 

He got lucky & stumbled upon an eating strategy that helped him quickly lose 30 pounds and restore his body to his college physique. Since then, he's spent 10 years testing and refining his eating system to make it more sustainable and enjoyable.

He's known for teaching a practical approach that incorporates the realities of the modern world: eating fast food, eating restaurant food, eating frozen dinners, occasionally binging or emotional eating, needing fast & uncomplicated recipes, feeding kids & other non-health conscious eaters in the house, drinking alcohol for some fun, etc. That's all in his system....because he does those things too.

Ryan specializes in helping women permanently lose 20-50 pounds in 6 weeks and teaching them his exact system for keeping their renewed figure for the rest of their lives. 

Ryan's best clients are women who have a deep understanding of why they want to lose weight and feel like they have tried it all to this point.