7 Keto Thanksgiving Sides

The holidays are coming up and staying on your diet can be a huge struggle, not to mention, finding tasty keto friendly thanksgiving sides can be hard. The temptation of the pies, or the buttery goodness of Grandma’s mashed potatoes can be a challenging time for some people, but we’re here to help! These are 7 Keto Friendly Thanksgiving Sides that I love, and hope you do too!

There are obviously tons of options for these particular side options, but I will be sharing the ones I’ve used in the past and know are total crowd pleasers!

Let’s get to our 7 Keto Friendly Thanksgiving Sides list!

1. Stuffing (Chicken & Vegetarian)
2. Cranberry Sauce
3. Sweet Potato Casserole or Mashed ‘Potatoes’
4. Green Bean Casserole
5. Mac & Cheese
6. Turkey Gravy
7. Pies!

There are so many kinds of sides that one can bring to Thanksgiving, or any holiday meal for that matter. I hope at least one of these recipes will be a new staple side for your dinner table! 

Keto Side Dishes for Thanksgiving 

1. Keto Stuffing

Aside from the turkey, stuffing is typically the next iconic dish people think about for the dinner table. However, stuffing can be chock full of carbs and definitely not a diet-friendly side for most…until now!

We have chosen a meat based and vegetarian stuffing option, so everyone has choices!

Get ready to stuff yourselves with yumminess! 😉 

The first stuffing that we tried was HighFat, HighFun’s Keto Stuffing.

The next stuffing we tried was a vegetarian stuffing option from, Taylor Kiser. Check it out! 

Note: We used Vegetable broth, instead of chicken since we went the vegetarian route, but you can use either. 

2. Keto Cranberry Sauce

I don’t know about you all, but there is ALWAYS Cranberry Sauce at our holiday table! Cranberries aren’t always a Keto-dieters friend though, so how can we add it to our keto friendly holiday table?

This recipe comes from, WholesumYum who has some great (and easy) Low Carb and Keto recipe ideas. But for now, check out the Healthy Cranberry Sauce she makes herself, every single year. 

Make it today! 

3.Low Carb Sweet Potatoes or Mashed ‘Potatoes’

Some people have a love/hate relationship with Sweet potatoes, but we all know that if we are on a Keto diet potatoes are definitely off limits. 

Here are two different options to feed our potato craving. I don’t know about you all, but I do love my mashed potatoes at the holiday table. Luckily, there are tons of yummy options – hooray! 

The first recipe is for a sweet potato casserole, brought to you by KetoConnect who we’ve shared blogs with in the past! 

The next recipe is for Cauliflower Mash which is a PERFECT substitute for our beloved mashed potatoes.

I like this one especially because I’m a huge roasted garlic fan…this recipe is the real deal! Enjoy!

4. Keto Green Bean Casserole

There are quite a few different types of casseroles out there, but Green Bean Casserole was always a huge family hit in our household.

The other nice thing about casseroles is they can make for great leftovers too! Get ready to enjoy this dish over the holidays and days after – score!

5. Keto Friendly Mac & Cheese

A yummy Mac & Cheese recipe is good all year round, but it’s definitely a winner around the holidays! Tasty provides this delicious Cauliflower ‘Mac’ and Cheese recipe. 

BONUS: This keto friendly recipe also includes bacon, and that (to me) makes everything better! 🙂

6. Keto Friendly Gravy

Gravy is another staple item for most holiday dinner parties. Who doesn’t love a little turkey and gravy for the holidays?!

This recipe has the yumminess of gravy with a fraction of the carbs. Papa G’s recipe only has 0.31g per 2 Tablespoons of gravy. This Low Carb/Keto Thanksgiving side will be great to use on turkey, chicken, beef, and anything else you want to add it to on your table.  

7. Keto Friendly Pumpkin Pie

While desserts can obviously be in their own category, we wanted to include them as a side too! We have mentioned two different types of Keto Friendly Pie Desserts, since not everyone likes pumpkin pie. 

Fall has been the prime time for all things pumpkin, so the first recipe that we recommend is a wonderful Keto Pumpkin Pie. 


One of my favorite desserts is Chocolate Pie, so when I found this recipe I was ecstatic! 

It’s hard to believe that any of these desserts are keto and low carb friendly, but it’s true! The silkiness of the chocolate filling and the flaky crust make for this to be a huge hit! RuledMe, where this recipe comes from, suggests that the pie be made the day before so one can enjoy the party! The pie will need at least 3 hours in the refrigerator, so keep that in mind. 


Looking for more Keto Friendly recipes?

Mr. Skinny Pants has some Keto recipes of our own! Some could be used for holiday meals, or every day meals, but they are all easy and tasty!

Find more Keto Recipes from Mr. Skinny Pants

Did you like our 7 Keto Friendly Thanksgiving Sides?

Share in the comments below if you have any other go-to holiday Keto friendly Thanksgiving recipes!

Enjoy your holiday meal!!
– Mr. SkinnyPants

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  1. I watched the video for cranberry sauce but I couldn’t find a recipe for the quantity of the ingredients nor the type of sweetener chosen. Did I miss something?


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