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5 Steps To Do Keto “Contrarian-Style”

Checkout my new website & free keto course here:

It’s based on my past 10 years as a low carb eater + nearly 1,000 responses I’ve received from readers who’ve shared their problems with going keto. In the first video lesson you’ll learn:

  1. EXACTLY which snacks to eat on keto (my full list is included).
  2. Specifically how to “recruit” your husband to support your keto diet 100%. Also works on wives, of course :).
  3. How to cheat proof your life against annoying sugar & carb cravings.
  4. How to stay keto in “fringe areas” like restaurants, bars, fast food places, etc.
  5. My 25 best keto recipes you can make for non-keto family members without modification. All SUPER SIMPLE. Steal them!
All 5 steps in the video you can copy and use right away.
Also, I share with you WHY I recommend doing keto “contrarian-style.”

It’s all here for free:

I don’t cover much of the basic eating philosophy & science of keto. I assume you already have a handle on that stuff and that you want practical tips on how to make keto easy & enjoyable. If that’s the case, then…

Enjoy the free training,


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