How to Order Low Carb at Jack In the Box

In this post, you’ll learn how to quickly and confidently order low carb at Jack In The Box.

Read below to get my 112 item Jack In The Box low carb menu for free. It’s a great resource for anyone who wants to eat low carb, keto, Atkins, low sugar, or diabetic friendly at Jack In The Box.

Follow my mission to order low carb at the top 30 fast food chains in the US. For each fast food restaurant I’m evaluating:

  1. Availability of low carb entrees (less than 20 net carbs).
  2. Satiety of low carb entrees.
  3. Price of low carb entrees.
  4. Taste of low carb entrees.
  5. Ordering experience.

In a hurry? Get my Jack In The Box Low Carb Menu one-pager if you want to see full macros and nutritional stats for all 112 of their Jack In The Box keto diet options.


I used to eat a lot of late night Jack In The Box college. It was $2 for tacos. Since I’ve gone low carb, I haven’t seen a need to go back and I’m confused on how they differentiate themselves from market leaders like McDonald’s and Wendy’s.

Do they just advertise a little differently or do they have some actual menu items that stand out.

Let’s pry open the box and have a look.

Overall Ratings

Like many of the restaurants on my Fast Food Challenge, Jack in The Box is low carb friendly because you can get bunless burgers, bunless grilled chicken sandwiches, bunless breakfast sandwiches, and grilled chicken salads that fit within the macros of a low carb or keto diet.

  • Low carb friendly – Yes.
  • Low carb entrees on menu – Yes. They have a Grilled Chicken Club Salad on the menu that’s 360 calories and 8 net carbs.
  • Satiety of low carb entrees – Above average.
  • Taste of low carb entrees – Above Average. Their Double Jack burger was remarkable. The grilled chicken club salad was really good. The Bacon Swiss Burger was a little odd, but generally tasty.
  • Price / value of low carb entrees  –  Average.
    • Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack – $5.19 for about 690 calories.
    • Double Jack – $5.49 for about 660 calories.
    • Grilled Chicken Club Salad – $6.19 for 360 calories.
    • Extreme Sausage Sandwich – $3.29
    • Loaded Breakfast Sandwich – $3.69
    • Meat Lovers Breakfast Burrito – $3.39
  • Ordering experience – Average. The drive-thru attendant was friendly but the order confirmation screen was unreadable due to some moisture seeping in. I didn’t get a receipt my second time into Jack In The Box and that made it difficult to get the prices for my price / value assessment. They don’t answer the phones when you call.

Overall my Jack In The Box experience was good, but I can’t find anything that they’re doing so exceptionally well so as to merit a special trip versus just going to your nearest McDonald’s or Wendy’s.

What I ordered

My first time into Jack In The Box I got three different lunch entrees. I wanted to test a specialty burger, a cheeseburger and a chicken salad. I also went back to get some breakfast entrees.

#1 Bunless Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack

During this low carb fast food challenge I try to make sure I order an entree that each restaurant is proud of:

  • What entrees are they promoting?
  • What’s featured prominently on the website?
  • What has special branding attached to it?

At Jack In The Box it’s the Buttery Jack. I ordered their bunless Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack which has a quarter pound beef patty, garlic herb butter, bacon, Swiss cheese, and bacon mayo.

Bunless Jack In the Box keto Bacon & Swiss burger
My bunless Bacon Swiss Buttery Jack
  • Price – $5.19
  • Nutrition – 690 calories and 0 net carbs
  • Taste – Average.
  • Notes -The patty was grilled and tender. Firmer than a low carb McDonald’s burger, but not too dry. I liked that the bacon wasn’t overcooked. Most fast food places fry the bacon to a dry crisp.

The combination of the butter and mayo gives this bunless burger a unique flavor which is why I tried it instead of the bacon ultimate cheeseburger no bun order I was considering. After my palate adjusted, I enjoyed it. On it’s own, this burger may have been too small to feel like a full meal, so ask for a double patty if you’re planning to eat it solo.

Luckily I had two more entrees to eat.

#2 Bunless Double Jack

I always try a bunless double cheeseburger at a fast food place because they are typically filling and a good value. My Jack In The Box no bun Double Jack burger tasted great and photographed perfectly on the floor.

Jack in The Box Low Carb Keto Double Jack Burger.
My bunless Double Jack burger.
  • Price – $5.49
  • Nutrition – 660 calories and 2 net carbs
  • Taste – Well Above Average. This was the best of my three low carb lunch entrees.
  • Notes – Impressive. Veggies tasted super fresh and weren’t leaking moisture everywhere. Patties were grilled to perfection.

The Double Jack is a keto friendly Jack In The Box order that eats clean and tastes amazing.

#3 Grilled Chicken Club Salad

I don’t like ordering grilled chicken while on a low carb diet because it’s light on calories and flavor. However, chickn club salads with bacon and ranch can be alright because those two ingredients add calories and decadence. This is great except when they forget the bacon and you don’t notice until you get home:


  • Price – $6.19
  • Nutrition – 360 calories and 8 net carbs
  • Taste – Above Average. But they forgot the bacon…doh!
  • Notes – Chicken was tender and flavorful. Veggie ingredients were fresh and crisp. I skipped the Jack In the Box ranch dressing and added my own Italian dressing (1 net carb). Did I mention they forgot the bacon?

On the whole, the Grilled Chicken Club presented nicely and tasted great even without the bacon. It was a nice surprise for a low carb chicken salad that I’d normally avoid.

For next trip I wanted to master the perfect Jack In The Box keto breakfast order so I got three different entrees.

#4 Extreme Sausage Sandwich (No Bun)

The Extreme Sausage Sandwich comes with two sausage patties, American cheese, and a fried egg patty. I guess they call it ‘Extreme’ because it has two sausage patties. We keto people call this normal. In any case, I like it.

Jack In The Box Low Carb Breakfast Sandwich
My bunless Jack In The Box Extreme Sausage Sandwich
  • Price – $3.29
  • Nutrition – About 490 calories and 0 net carbs.
  • Taste – Well Above Average.
  • Notes – No frills. Easy to eat. Very filling. Not messy. Tastes great. On par with the low carb breakfast offerings from McDonald’s. This to me is the perfect keto breakfast order.
#5 Loaded Breakfast Sandwich (No Bun)

This is the perfect low carb breakfast sandwich for someone who likes a variety of meats. It has a fried egg, bacon, ham, sausage, and melted American cheese.

Jack In The Box Low Carb Breakfast Sandwich
My bunless Jack In The Box Loaded Breakfast Sandwich.
  • Price – $3.69
  • Nutrition – About 540 calories and 4 net carbs.
  • Taste – Above Average.
  • Notes – Eats surprisingly clean. Presents well once you take it out of the container. It’s good, but not as good as the Extreme Sausage Sandwich.
#6 Meat Lovers Breakfast Burrito (No Tortilla)

It’s hard to see in the picture but you get bacon, sausage, ham, scrambled eggs, pepper jack and cheddar cheese. Once the tortilla is removed, it’s very similar to the Loaded Breakfast Sandwich except with scrambled eggs instead of a fried egg patty.

Low Carb Jack In The Box Meatlovers Burrito (No Tortilla)
My low carb Jack In The Box Meatlovers Burrito (No Tortilla)
  • Price – $3.39
  • Nutrition – About 490 calories and 1 net carb
  • Taste – Average.
  • Notes – Prefer the fried egg patty vs the scrambled eggs in this entree. This presents the least well of all the Jack In The Box low carb breakfast foods I tried.

What you should order

For lunch or dinner, get the bunless Double Jack cheeseburger. It has about 660 calories and 2 net carbs while scoring well on taste and ease of eating with your hands.

For breakfast, get the Extreme Sausage Sandwich. It has about 490 calories and 0 net carbs.

What you can order

As of writing this post, Jack In The Box had  11 different burgers and 2 different chicken sandwiches that can be ordered low carb / keto.

They also have about 20 different breakfast entrees that can be modified to fit a keto diet.

Review my Jack In The Box Low Carb Menu one-pager if you want to see full macros and nutritional stats for all 112 of their low carb / keto friendly options.

It should be the perfect resource if you’re looking for a Jack In The Box sugar free menu or a Jack In The Box diabetic menu.

My low carb menu is derived from my own online research where I tried to make sense of the Jack In The Box online menu and nutrition stats which were written in 3 point font and clearly not intended to be actually looked at.

In this case, my nutrition stats are only well-informed estimates because Jack In The Box does not make public the macros for their individual ingredients like buns & tortillas. In other words, don’t bet your life on them.

What you should avoid

In case you’re new to low carb eating, I’ll point out that you can’t eat any of the Jack In The Box buns, tortillas, tacos, desserts or fries.

Here’s the full list of tricky and tempting items to avoid.

Avoid these Sauces

  • Barbecue Dipping Sauce – 10 net carbs
  • Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce – 11 net carbs
  • Sweet & Sour Dipping Sauce – 11 net carbs
  • Teriyaki Dipping Sauce – 11 net carbs

Avoid these Sides

  • Stuffed Jalapenos – 20 net carbs
  • Hashbrown – 15 net carbs

Avoid these Items with Fried Chicken

  • Southwest Chicken Salad Crispy – 44 net carbs
  • Chicken Nuggets 10+ pieces – 26+ net carbs
  • Crispy Chicken Strips – 50 net carbs
  • Crispy Chicken Club Salad – 31 net carbs

If you’re looking for a moderately low carb fast food fried chicken option, then check out my Chick-Fil-A low carb post.

What’s next

My next low carb fast food guide is for Little Caesars which I’m hoping isn’t just another damn pizza place where I have to get wings or eat toppings only. Chances are slim. That’s why I keep putting it off.

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19 thoughts on “How to Order Low Carb at Jack In the Box”

    • Haha. They didn’t really get the chance because I was in the drive-thru. Most fast food cashiers I’ve chatted with on this challenge and have been helpful / non-judgmental. These kinds of low carb orders at fast food joints are becoming more and more common which helps as well.

  1. Hi, I went to jack and got 2 jr bacon cheese burgers. I asked no buns; lettuce wrapped. I forgot to say no ketchup though.
    Anyways, I thought I would be low in carbs but I googled the information and I come up with 60 net carbs. Os it right? Jack’s site gives me close to 60net carbs but it’s the one with buns.
    Do you happen to know which site is right and how many carbs I chugged? Pleeease!
    Thank you

  2. I ordered a bunless jumbo jack, wrapped in lettuce. Very neatly wrapped and was so yummy! Side orders of scrambled eggs and ham…fun to discover a new restaurant catering to low carb!!

  3. I never thought about ordering the breakfast burrito with no tortilla. Duh. A tip for all your readers. Don’t throw away the receipt. If you complete the survey, you can get the supreme sausage or the jumbo jack lettuce wrapped or without the bun for buy one get one free. The best deal going. The receipt is good for 7 days. You get a new receipt every time you make a purchase. Saves a bundle when you’re on the go or have a tight budget. Also, you can ask for a courtesy cup of water too.

  4. In my experience, over half the JIB cashiers don’t know if they do lettuce wraps in place of buns, and I’ve been told “no” on a couple occasions. If you get a marginal English speaking cashier it can be a challenge even getting across what you want.

    I generally get the Chicken Club Salad, one of the best low-carb fast food salads I’ve encountered. (Make sure to verify your order, because they will not infrequently try to give you a Chicken Club Sandwich by mistake.)

  5. I ordered the bacon swiss bunless burger and had to send it back. My cheese was not melted, bacon was cold, it did not look like your picture. I may try again another time and a different jack in the box

  6. Oh, and yes not only did they look at me strange i think they were trying to figure out how to put it together after i showed them your picture


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