Good news! Mr. SkinnyPants is Healthy. (My Pre-Fast Food Challenge Medical Results)

My pre-photo for this fast food challenge.

I just went to the doctor to get approved for blood work for this 30-Day Low Carb Fast Food Challenge.

I told the doctor I had recently experienced some intermittent insomnia which was truthful, but not my sole purpose for the visit.

My doctor must have good intuition because she probed me a little further and was able to elicit my true purpose which was to establish my baseline wellness levels for this challenge. My goal is to compare before & after.

The good news is that I was given an “excellent” bill of health during my check up. Here are the numbers:

Height – 5’8″

Weight – 152

BMI – 23.12 (18.5 to 24.9 is considered the healthy range for men)

Resting Pulse 53 – (40 to 60 is the range Mayo Clinic cites for “well-trained” athletes)

Blood Pressure – 130 / 76 (described by my doctor as “excellent”)

My wellness report card. Baseline results to start this 30 day Low Carb Fast Food Challenge.

I’m getting my blood drawn in the morning to establish a baseline for others markers as well. I’ll update this with the blood results once I get them.

UPDATE: I’ve received my blood test results. Everything came back in a normal range except I had slightly elevated Cholesterol and slightly elevated Sex Hormone Binding Globulin.

Slightly elevated Cholesterol is most likely a reflection of my lack of sleep and excess stress at the time when my blood was drawn (I’m selling a business, starting a new one, and managing some changes in my personal life and relationships). It’s not the cause for concern many people think it is.

Slightly elevated Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) is likely a reflection of my ultra low carb eating and relative lack of lifting heavy things regularly. Also probably impacted by the insomnia I was experiencing at the start of this Challenge. I’m already planning an experiment to increase libido after this fast food challenge is completed, so I’ll address SHBG then.

Here is a snapshot of my blood work for proof:

My pre-Fast Food Challenge blood test results.

My doctor’s hypothesis is that my numbers won’t change much after eating 30 days of low carb fast food. I tend to agree with my doctor, but I wanted proof for others who are following the challenge. 

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